Health & Social Care Network

Making sure the voice of the patient and the carer is heard in the NHS and Cornwall Council

For nearly ten years we have sought to build a Network of interested organisations and individuals to collect their views and experiences of health and care services. We help feed these into Leaders of services.

Key achievements:

  • Patient Participation Groups (PPGs) are thriving in all three of the local surgeries, with some of our Directors having taken a lead role in establishing them
  • We bring NHS consultations and current issues to the attention of the wider public, and report details to the Town Council so councillors are kept informed
  • Through PPGs we have responded to NHS consultations directly
  • Also through PPGs, we have highlighted weaknesses in dementia services and wastage in the way prescriptions are sometimes used
  • Dementia Voice PL12, one of our own Enterprises, was formed as a result of a seminar hosted by a PPG
  • Public representation on planning to deal with the so-called “temporary” closure of St Barnabas Hospital has been strong

Getting involved:

  1. Join your surgery PPG – weblinks below
  2. Come forward to us to share your experiences or to raise concerns – we’ll try to help to get a clear message to the right people


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